How I work?

I am a watcher, a listener and a problem solver (and not in a creepy way!)

I work by observing, composing, moving, observing again, always discreetly. I never try to dictate your day, it’s your story to tell.

Calmly and unobtrusively documenting your day and telling the whole story from getting ready to late night revelry and how it all pans out. It’s not a photoshoot, it’s your day to be enjoyed and I want to capture all of it for your memories.

What is documentary wedding photography?

It’s not just a catalogue of events that happen throughout the day, it’s the story, the emotions, the connections and relationships that all come together to make us feel something.

a father hugs his daughter before the wedding

What do you have to do?

It’s easy, all you have to do is be yourself while I run around getting photos of everything, even the stuff that you didn’t notice going on in the day. And the stuff you did notice and would love to remember. The important moments between the two of you.


Sometimes I capture images from up close, from an insider’s point of view, as a friend who cares, so that you remember how that moment felt, rather than from across the room.

I have 10 years of experience and am always here on the end of the phone or email if you need a friendly chat about your plans.


Your real selves, your story, your people and your love that’s shown in the little moments that not everyone notices. Everybody is different and I want to celebrate that.

a unique couple getting piggybacked through a cut out heart during their international wedding at colehayes park

These are the photos that will be cherished by future generations. Not the awkward first kiss or the cheesy cake cut, (but I will be there covering all that stuff too).

Rather than spending an hour creating an artistic flat lay of your wedding stationery or hanging your dress on a random tree, I want to be there with the people, with the moments that are happening for real, making clever and creative storytelling images. If thats what you want from your day, lets connect.

I get on really well with kids and get booked for a lot of family weddings. They are like little drunk people and always so true to themselves which is why I enjoy photographing them so much. They can’t be anything but REAL.

a bored flowergirl squishes her face at a devon family wedding
a couple being holding hands excitedly awaiting their upcoming wedding on a pre wedding shoot on dartmoor

I always take couples that book me for a full day, for a pre-wedding chat, a pint and a mini photo session. I find it really helps you to relax in front of the camera and be yourselves and the more we get to know each other, the better your images will be.

A lot of people feel they are very awkward in front of a camera (me too, I get you) but check out my portfolio as they all rock it on the big day.

That’s another reason why I love to document whole wedding weekends. The gatherings and activities the day before and after where the families all get to know me, and I them, and I can document all the fun in a relaxed way. We can even nip off and get some couple photos the day after so that your wedding day can be spent fully with the people that you care about. More time = better images.

I work in a documentary way for about 95% of the day (nothing is faked) as I value authentic images. The other 5% of the day covers any group shots that you may want and couple shots. Here I do help direct things, although I try to keep this to a minimum, so that you can spend max time partying with your friends.

Most couples want to get some amazing couple photos of themselves in the surroundings that they have chosen for their wedding. I love to search out the beautiful light and make these special. These shots often don’t just happen of their own accord, so I direct people in a way that they can feel comfortable and just be themselves.

Chances are too that you are also booking me for the images that you’ve seen me take of all the guests at a wedding having the best day. This is something that I love to focus on as I bet all those people there are really important to you.

And although I don’t show many of them on my site, I do take photos of all the little details you have lovingly put together, the buttonholes, the table decorations etc.

bridesmaids riding on a tandem bike at a wedding and laughing



I just wanted to say a HUGE HUGE thank you for the most wonderful pictures you took at Lizzie and Stewart's wedding August Bank holiday weekend. You truly captured the day, everyone looked so happy and I cannot believe how many smiley faces you took - you must have been exhausted when you eventually got home!! As I looked through the pictures I realised you seemed to be just everywhere and did not miss anything in the day (and there was a lot going on) For one photographer to capture so much, with perfection it really is a hard thing to do. So please give yourself a big pat on the back from me.