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Natural images of important family memories.

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I’m Cara Griffiths,

photographer at Meet me on the Hill, who photographs funerals in Devon. I am honoured to be able to do this for people and I recognise the importance of family memories.

I value photography as a beautiful visual reminder, of the big, and little, moments in life.

You would be surprised at how many people want to have their loved one’s funeral photographed, for whatever reason. It may be that there are lots of family and friends gathering from far and wide and its a rare occasion when everyone is together. I or it may be just that you want to remember the events of the day and have something to look back on without the additional stress of taking photographs yourself.

Good documentary photography is all about seeing the beauty in life.

I don’t stage or pose things throughout the day, unless you want some group photos. It’s in the real moments where the beauty lies and what matters most is spending the day in the company loved ones.

Photo by the lovely Adam Johnson.

What do you offer?

Funeral Package


Natural coverage of the event and photos of you and your guests to choose from including any family group photos that you would like.

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Most funeral last up to an hour and its good to have some time at the start and afterwards to cover the wake or family gathering. I have a 1-2 hour package and its possible to add on another hour if you would like more time for photographs.

I don’t limit the number of photos that I take and you will get all of the good ones, edited in my style and delivered on an online gallery that’s shareable with friends and family. There will usually be at least 100 images, usually more. You can download them all from the gallery, or order yourself a lovey USB stick direct from the gallery to keep them on. There is also a function of the gallery where you can make photos private if you only want to share certain ones with family and friends.

Yes, your gallery will be linked to professional photo labs that will print your photos in superb quality and send them directly to you.

Yes of course. These are often very important to people. I can help choose a nice location at the venue with nice light and organise this for you.

Yes, I focus mostly on natural images, of people being themselves, greeting each other, hugging. I also take natural documentary images of the event unfolding. But I will focus on whats most important to you. It’s also good to let guests know there will be a photographer and check with them that its ok if they are in some of these photographs.

Yes, I am happy to photograph the wake, get images of family members, children, grandparents etc and try to do this in as natural and unobtrusive a way as possible. If the wake is in a different venue from the funeral I am happy to travel to this, you may need an extra hour added on for this depending on logistics.

I charge £250 for 1 to 2 hours of photography within 45 minutes of TQ13 in Devon. If you need an extra hour added on the price is £350.

I received the photos today from my Dad's funeral. I wanted to thank you for stepping in and taking such lovely shots. They turned out perfectly, just as I'd imagined. The one you selected as the cover is iconic.  You've left us with lasting memories of Dad's beautiful send-off.  Thank you so much. 


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Meet me on the hill devon wedding photography artistic design of tree on hill with foliage and moths
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Why I became a photographer in Devon

I moved to Devon 16 years ago and loved the landscapes and wilderness of Dartmoor, the beaches of the South Hams and the rugged north coast of Devon. It’s a great place to be if you love the outdoors.

I live on the edge of Dartmoor, halfway between Plymouth and Exeter, in the fab little community of Ashburton, in a low carbon eco-house we built. Rest assured that while I am editing your photos, I am not burning any fossil fuels!

Being a photographer makes me happy, giving you the images that mean a lot to you, helping you to remember the important moments, and being able to share them with all generations of your family.