Destination Wedding Photographer

Sometimes it’s all about the location.

a couple enjoy a moment on an iconic bridge at their destination wedding in italy
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I’m Cara Griffiths,

photographer at Meet me on the Hill, based in Devon, and available to photograph your wedding across Europe and Worldwide.

You want to get married in a place you love, not just to the person that you love. My photos not only reflect the love between the two of you but your relationship with the landscape, the epic location and the holiday vibes.

I’m an experienced traveller and love to take on a few destination weddings each year. I also really appreciate different cultures and traditions in whatever way you choose to incorporate these into your day you can guarantee that my camera will be up and I will be ready to document everything thats going on during the day.

I love natural moments and want couples to enjoy their day and not turn it into a photoshoot.


What do you offer?

Destination Wedding Photography Package

For destination weddings I always provide UNLIMITED HOURS on the day of the wedding.

You can also include coverage the day before or after the main event. What else is included?

Prices are the same as UK big weekender weddings with travel expenses and accommodation added on. I can provide an estimate of these.

destination wedding photographer photographs a couple at an epic scenic location
a couple on a busy bridge with lots of onlookers rushing by at a destination wedding



It’s always best to fly in a few days beforehand, incase of any flight delays or transportation issues.

It’s up to you if you want to provide accommodation in the venue itself or I can organise nearby accommodation, but the closer I am to the action the best chance I have of getting incredible images of the unplanned moments.

If you are happy to cover travel expenses/accommodation I can come to you, or we can choose an epic location to meet up in.

Yes of course. I will arrange for one of the trusted second photographers that work with me regularly, in the same way that I work, to come too. There is an add-on charge available for this and they will also require travel costs and accommodation with myself. I can organise all of this and I will edit all of the images in the same style.

Yes, we can find a beautiful place and nice light and make amazing images of the two of you wherever you like. I look for a place with the best light and I recommend the hour before the sun goes down for some epic backlight or gorgeous sunset. Some couples prefer to spend as much time as they can with their guests on the day and head out the next day for a couple shoot. Maybe there is a mountain top you would like to have images on, or a stunning beach. Lets make the most of the landscapes available. Close-ups with hair and make up done the way you want it can be done on the day of the wedding.

An older hand pours water from a conch shell on a brides young hand during a thai tradition in a wedding


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knowing that one more thing has been done off your to-do list. I am always available if you have questions.

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Lets chat more...

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Meet me on the hill devon wedding photography artistic design of tree on hill with foliage and moths
traditional wedding in peru

A random invite, by the most down to earth people, to a traditional Peruvian wedding near the shore of lake Titicaca.

Why I photograph destination weddings?

I have travelled extensively throughout my adult life, living and working in Australia as a young adult, working in the USA and driving route 66. I explored most of Central America before settling down in Devon and meeting my husband. When we got married in 2010 we decided to have an epic honeymoon bought a pick up truck and travelled the length of South America, following the Andes, from Ushuaia to Colombia and back, exploring all of the out of the way places along the route.

Now we have two kids in school and travelling is more limited (although we have had some crazy adventures all together, overland across South East Asia, giving our kids the travel and adventure bug).

Exploring new places is part of who I am and I love it and it makes me happy to meet couples who feel the same and to see and photograph the places that are special to them.